Perico - a painting program

Update log

Did you ever try to draw orange rectangles into your images, but you had no tool for it? Now your dreams come true: Perico - the painting program.

Update log

2003-02-04: Full undo/redo for every function.
2003-02-10: Safety mask.
2003-02-12: Selection mask. Fill with color distance.
2003-02-15: Load GIF, TIFF and PNG files. Save TIFF and PNG files.
2003-02-18: Lightness and saturation brush.
2003-02-22: More filter options. Select color out of image. Load multiple images. Create empty image.Cut selection as new image.
2003-02-22: History in color-selector. Icons in PaintBox. Filter with a brush. Display grid lines for better positioning.
2003-07-13: Error corrections.
2003-08-09: Better selection for cutting subimages. Function to reduce red eyes on photos.
2003-08-13: Read of true color .bmp files. Accelerator for Undo, Zoom-in and Zoom-out.
2003-08-23: Copy and paste of motives.
2003-09-04: Motive enhancements: graphic icon, size information and insert with transparent border.
2003-09-14: (Version 0/27) Error corrections. Extended Drag and Drop to accept images and drag motives.
2003-09-17: (Version 0/28) Draw and paint with patterns.
2003-09-29: (Version 0/29) Rotation of images.
2003-10-13: (Version 0/30) Speckle painting and histogram in the correction box.
2003-11-02: (Version 0/31) More rotation functions. Removed error in zoom function.
2003-12-16: (Version 0/32) Airbrush.
2003-12-27: (Version 0/33) Paint with motive as brush.
2004-01-18: (Version 0/34) New file format. It allows to store also the image masks. This enables load and save of motives.
2004-02-08: (Version 0/35) Save some more information in the .perico format: all motives, current settings of colorboxes, grids and more. Perpared for NLS language file. A german version is delivered. Also saving some base settings into a .Perico.rc file.
2004-02-08: (Version 0/36) Simple color blend with 2 or 3 points. Save selection mask in PNG-images. This allows creating desktop icons.
2004-06-22: (Version 0/37) Color blend with multiple points.
2004-07-03: (Version 0/38) Smear function and comic effect.
2004-07-20: (Version 0/39) Added sharpening filter, multiple undos and a toolbar.
2004-09-04: (Version 0/40) Additional storing options: Autosave to protect against failures, Snapshots to save unnamed versions.
2004-09-18: (Version 0/41) Copy-Brush functionality added.
2004-09-26: (Version 0/42) Display Exif data of jpeg images.
2004-10-02: (Version 0/43) Added mosaic effect.
2004-10-25: (Version 0/44) Added construction of polygons.
2004-11-25: (Version 0/46) Expanded polygons to draw also splines. Added color change brush.
2004-12-16: (Version 0/47) Error correction. Window grab function. Color reduction effect.
2005-01-13: (Version 0/48) Preview of image in file selection box. Different shapes for brushes. Convert colored image into black/white.
2005-04-30: (Version 0/49) Internal code changes. Cleaned up code for portability. Updated libexif to version 0.6.11.
2005-11-26: (Version 0/50) Added morphologic filters.
2006-06-12: (Version 0/51) Compile for Suse 10.1.

Some screenshots

Full screenshot of Perico.
Save images automatically in regular intervals.
Blend between some colors.
The result of a blend.
Select color with different methods.
Draw simple geometric figures.
Do some funny effects.
Filter the image to make it smoother.
Add a grid to help positioning.
Show image details and Exif-information of digital cameras.
change the image size or select a sub-picture.
Select and save parts of the image by a bitmask.
Select parts of images and manipulates them.
Creative painting.
Correct red eyes on photographies.
Rotate the image.
Quick save unnamed versions.
Undo and redo with up to 10 buffers.

Download section

The sources
The executable (compiled on Suse 10.3 / Kernel 2.6 / Qt3)
The german language file
A desktop icon

German documentation

Mandriva RPM package from Vidar Jon Bauge

If the program works on your machine, and you like it, send me a postcard for my postcard section.