Gregor sent a 2nd card from a visit to Poland.

Marcel (also Netherlands) sent the tasty cheese.

Tom from the Netherlands sent

A Fasnacht-image from Kasimir

Max from Manchester sent a picture from his hibiscus

Pierre-Paul sent an image of his studio

Bernard sent me this butterfly

Winter in Barga(Italy) from Vittorio

From Marco I got beautiful postcards from Tracy and California.

Bill sent a picture taken from his son.

Denes sent me two cards from Monor/Hungary. It's the home of the hungarian wine-tux

Ernst sent me this card from his village at the river Main

Jean-Matthieu sent me this dead engine from Bolivia

A guy which signature I can not decode sent me the lighttowers from the beautiful north of germany

Colin from England sent this telephone boxes

Luc from France sent this view of Plaisir

Matti from Finland sent the swans

From John Nilsson / Sweden

A postcard from a KHdRecord user. He wants to remain anonymous.

Vienna christmas greetings from Andreas

Gregor sent this postcard from Bad Sobernheim

Christoph sent this image from the Pyramide in Karlsruhe sent this nice postcard

Ken sent this image from his back garden, created by an Olympus C1Zoom

Creative chaos from Andre (Belgium)

Beautiful winter impression from Lauri (Finland)

Cathedral of Leon sent from Hector (Spain)

Sven from Munich (heart still in Bremerhaven) sent this postcard

Sun goes down over Regensburg from Thomas

Nice danish ship from Lars

Robert from Portland sent me these 3 postcards