Hi there. I wrote some smaller programs, which can be useful also for others. So im distributing these programs for you.
Feel free to use the programs or adopt them for your use. Please send me your modifications, then I can integrate them back into the original code.

The first program is called KCamedia. It allows to download imags from older Olympus Camedia cameras. It uses the serial line, and does not support newer models with USB.
My latest camera is again an Olympus Camedia C220 - now with USB connection. But there are some difficulties to use it with Linux. Here a pragmatic solution.

The second program is KHdRecord. It allows to record sound-files from the soundcard directly on the harddisk. You can use it like a tape-recorder. I wrote the program to sample my old phono LP's. You can sample into wave or directly into MP3.

Send me a postcard

If you use my programs, please send me a postcard from your region. Then I can scan it and create a nice page with pictures from all over the world.
Or at least scan yourself a picture and send me the JPG by email.